Campus Activities

Keynote Address, Tours + Demonstrations

Activities listed here are for all students and adults attending the Indiana Junior Academy. Keep in mind that the tours and demonstrations change slightly from year to year. The teacher sponsor will receive an email with a full list of what will be offered for this year.


Student participants must be listed on the online IJAS Information Form. Students must also fill-out the online K-12 Student Registration Form.

Keynote Address

At the end of the day just prior to the Awards Ceremony an undergraduate student from our Indiana University Science Technology and Research Scholars program gives a research talk about his/her research.

Research Tours + Demonstrations

Prearranged tours will be scheduled and participants will sign-up for the tour of their choice at on-site registration on the day of the IJAS Meeting and Competition. A variety of tours will be offered in the morning from 9:45-10:45 am and again in the afternoon from 1:15-2:15 pm. Our research faculty and scientists enjoy sharing their research with prospective students. Tours offered vary from year to year. A complete list will be emailed to each teacher sponsor.