Tournament Information

Dear students, coaches, parents, and supporters

We are extremely excited and proud that the Indiana Science Olympiad Executive Board has selected Indiana University in Bloomington to host the 2018 Indiana Science Olympiad state tournament. We are eagerly making preparations for your arrival on our beautiful campus. The tournament will be held on Saturday, March 17, 2018.

Stay tuned to this site for the latest information about local and Science Olympiad-related events, resources, and news. We look forward to seeing you in March!

Tina Gilliland, Director
Indiana Science Olympiad State Tournament

2018 Tentative Tournament Schedules

2018 Home Room Assignments

Home room assignments will be made after the last regional tournament and all teams are registered.

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2017 Indiana Science Olympiad T-shirt Design

2018 Competition List and Resources

2018 Trial Events

Division B:

Rule Clarifications

Eye Protection - Competitions that require eye protection will indicate a number (#1, #2, etc.) - for a complete description of the type of safety glasses each number is referring to go to If you do NOT have the appropriate eye protection, you will NOT be allowed to compete.

Helicopter (C)
The dimensions of the room for this event is 20’ wide, 40’ long, and 20’ high. 

Herpetology (B/C)
You may bring and use BOTH a field guide and a binder at the State Tournament.

Hovercraft (B/C)
Under scoring C. “abs” refers to absolute value.

Rocks & Minerals (B/C)
You may bring and use BOTH a field guide and a binder at the State Tournament.
The Peterson Guide is in two volumes, we consider both volumes as ONE complete guide. 

Roller Coaster (B)
3f clarification:
“The start line and finish line position may not be adjusted”.  
According to our event supervisor:  The part of the track containing the start and finish lines may not be moved after impound.  Since the rules specify a line, which is a geometric concept without an actual volume or physical realization, the key is that the line is defined in some observable fashion. If the line’s position is defined by a moveable object then the line’s position must still be clear after that object has been moved. Furthermore, the movement of the object defining the start line cannot be what releases the ball. Only the movement of the pencil’s eraser can release the ball (rule 4g). If there is a physical object defining the start position then the ball must be able to get past that object without that object needing to be moved (by the pencil, the eraser, or the competitor). To avoid possible confusion I would suggest using an actual line drawn on the device with a marker.  Lines on either side of the track would also be acceptable. 

Reference Materials (B and C) - Unless otherwise stated here under rule clarifications, ALL events that will adhere to the official rules as they are written for each individual competition.

Lab Safety Rules for Chemistry
Laboratory Safety Rules and Regulations
Department of Chemistry, Indiana University - Bloomington

All competitions held in Chemistry Labs must adhere to the following safety guidelines. Students without the proper protective clothing will not be allowed to compete.

  1. Eye Protection - Splash protective safety goggles must be worn at all times. Failure to do so will result in expulsion from the lab. Safety goggles are not available to be lent out.
  2. Protective Clothing - Shoes must cover the entire foot. This includes the heel and the top of the foot up to the ankle. Bare feet and any type of sandal or open toe shoe may not be worn in the chemistry lab. Socks must be crew length or longer. The top of the foot and the ankle MUST be covered by shoes and pants. Prohibited shoes include flip-flops, Crocs, Toms, and ballet flats. If any part of the foot or ankle is visible, the student will not be allowed in the lab. Pants must cover the shoe and may not be tucked into boots.

    The following are not permitted - shorts, capri pants, crop pants, skin-tight pants (leggings, jeggings, exercise pants, etc.), and mini-skirts. Pants, skirts, and dresses must cover the leg to the ankle. Sweatpants may be worn over any tight/short layers of clothing so that the leg, ankle, and foot are covered.

    Shirts must have sleeves, and may not have holes. The midriff must be fully covered. Tank tops, camis, and shirts with holes must be covered by an additional layer of clothing such as a sweatshirt.

    Gloves will be available in the lab.

    A suggested outfit consists of a cotton t-shirt, denim pants or loose cotton sweatpants that reach the shoe, and shoes that cover the whole foot.

  3. Dress Code Violations - In the event that a student violates the dress code, the student has 15 minutes from the start of the event to obtain the proper attire. Students are allowed to borrow attire from friends and teammates. The partner may start the experiment on time, assuming he/she has followed the dress code. If the student cannot find replacement attire within 15minutes, the student may not enter the lab. Their partner may continue the experiment.