We need you

Did you know that approximately 1,800 people will be visiting Indiana University in March 2018? The Indiana State Science Olympiad Tournament is coming to campus and we want to invite you to be a part of this special event.

To make this science competition a success, we need a lot of volunteers. There are twenty-three science competitions in both the middle and high school divisions. The competitions are in all areas of science, including Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Geology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Physics. We absolutely cannot do this without you!

We are certain that your experience as a State Science Olympiad volunteer will be rewarding. You will be serving the community and the state by helping to improve the quality of science education for middle and high school students across Indiana. We will strive to match your interests and expertise to our volunteer needs so your volunteer experience is gratifying.

If you are interested in volunteering, please fill-out the volunteer registration form. As we move closer to the tournament and have established our volunteer needs, we will contact you.

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Volunteer opportunities

Volunteers will be needed on Friday evening and all day Saturday of tournament weekend. If you are serving as an event supervisor, you must consent to have a background check done. If you are helping with any of the assignments below, you must agree to allow us to run your name through the National Sex Offense database. All volunteers will be required to sign-in with a valid photo ID. Thank you for your help in keeping all of our precollege students safe.

Administrative Support/Packet Prep Assistants: Organize packets of information for the teams and volunteers and assist in any other administrative tasks as needed.

Competition Assistants/Monitors: Assist event supervisor in any way needed, this may include proctoring the tests, grading the tests, setting up the equipment, timing the competitions, monitoring competitors during the event, running errands as needed. Assistance is needed on Saturday, tournament day.

Closing Ceremony: Assist with the parade of teams, direct visitors in locating seating, help set up/tear down props and awards, monitor for safety and crowd control, and assist in any other tasks as needed. The ceremony will be held on Saturday evening from approximately 5:00 to 8:30 pm.

Safety Support Staff: Assist in traffic control, which may include directing buses and cars to designated areas, shuttle visitors to the campus, and assist in any other tasks as needed. Assistance will be needed on tournament day.

Set Up/Tear Down Team: Set up event areas, hang banners, and run errands. Assistance is needed on Friday evening and Saturday.

Team Check-in Assistants: Check in all competing teams and provide them with all of the materials needed. Assistance is needed on Saturday morning.

Volunteer Check-in Assistants: Check in all the volunteers and provide them with all of the materials needed for their job. Assistance on Saturday morning.